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Your Event + Our Beats = Pure Magic

Dhol players and Live Band

For those who love to groove to desi beats, we have talented dhol players who can spark life into any crowd. They are pros at playing all kinds of beats on the dhol. Our amazing live band, with its professional music and superior sound quality, can cover all genres of music to make a memorable impact at your event.

Weddings And Receptions

Be it a traditional reception or a vibrant sangeet, we will belt out tunes to amplify your wedding’s excitement and joy to take it to the next level. We are adept at all genres, including Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip-hop, Punjabi, or EDM, and will seamlessly transition from one melody to another, leaving your guests asking for more.

Birthday Parties

We promise to make your birthday an event to remember. Our DJ set-up will include fantastic lighting, smoke machines, and the best quality sound to transform your venue into one big dance floor. We personalize the playlist with a mix of music and beats to cater to the varied tastes of your crowds.

Sweet 16 Celebrations

No Sweet 16 party can be complete without hi-energy music to add the entertainment quotient. With the latest equipment to play crystal-clear sound and our vast digital library, we will ensure your daughter stands out on her special day. Our seamless music flow, considering the choices of your guests, guarantees a night of non-stop fun.


Whether you are partying for your first wedding anniversary or your 25th, we create a wonderful ambiance with our music to refresh beautiful memories, show your love, and strengthen your bond. Our playlists are customized to your favorite music and songs and turn your anniversary into a gala event that you will cherish for years.

Cooperate Events

We guarantee you and your guests the most elegant and exciting corporate event experience. Whether a closed-door event or a large-scale professional event, we can captivate your audience's attention with our mesmerizing music and sound. Liven up your occasion, be it an awards ceremony or success party, and make it look spectacular.

Product Launch Events

Over the years, we have elevated many product launch events and made them memorable, ensuring that they help create a buzz around your brand. With the right music that reflects your products, we generate excitement and awareness about your brand and your products among your invitees.

Sports Events

When it comes to sporting events, music plays a key part in hyping the atmosphere. We pick the right high-energy tracks, from the latest Bollywood hits to other popular music relevant to the teams or players, motivating them to give their best performance. We ensure everything, including the sound system, is well-organized before the event to ensure its success.

Latino Parties

You can rely on our rich experience to turn your Latino parties into high-energy, extravagant events with lots of high-energy funky music. Our dance mashups and mixes, together with your favourite hits, will keep the dance floor sizzling the entire night. We promise an electrifying celebration with pulsating rhythms and beats typical of Latino party scenes.

Club Parties

We turn ordinary club parties into extraordinary experiences with special effects like fog machines or moving headlights. By spinning the hottest tracks across different genres, we keep the dance floor packed and the energy high all night long. We don’t just play music; we entertain and captivate the audience by engaging with them throughout.

Dj & Emcee • Dhol players and Live Band • Weddings and Receptions • Birthday Parties • Sweet 16 Celebrations • Anniversaries Dj & Emcee • Dhol players and Live Band • Weddings and Receptions • Birthday Parties • Sweet 16 Celebrations • Anniversaries

Hear From Our Clients

DJ Parth is my favorite DJ in town. He knows how to make people dance. He and his team are amazing! He made our annual holiday party magical! I will recommend go to them if you need DJ without second thinking! Thank you and will see you again in our many more events. Thank You!!!

Geeta Fofandi

One of the best DJs who knows how to enjoy and make people sway..being a percussion artist adds extra spice …love it.

Nikita B Bhaglani

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