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Your Event + Our Beats = Pure Magic

Led lighted Dance floors

Our dance floors are portable and specially designed for your event, be it a club party or wedding sangeet. Our illuminated dance floors with colour variations will elevate the mood of your event. Your guests can dance away without any worries of tripping as they offer a smooth and level surface.

Led Walls

Add the WOW factor to your events with our fantastic LED video walls that will attract your audience’s attention to your content and keep them engaged. You can even use them to display live TV coverage that is ideal for sports like IPL matches, news, or other events. Customize the walls to create visually stunning backdrops to enhance your event’s atmosphere.

Moving headlights

We offer moving headlights for your party events that allow displays of different colours and dazzling visual effects, adding to your event’s ambiance and making it an outstanding success. These amazing headlights, with their bright and dynamic lights, are designed to visually stimulate your dancers and amp up their energy levels.

Led Up lights

They are just what you need to light up your wedding, celebration, or event and create an inviting environment for your guests. These energy-efficient battery-powered lights are portable and can be placed anywhere without wiring. You can reinforce your party’s theme through matching colour schemes and lighting effects using these lights.

Cold Sparklers (pyrotecnics)

There is nothing better than a spectacular cold spark fountain display that is 100% safe and non-flammable compared to traditional fireworks. They can be programmed to create a number of stunning special effects at the right moments during the event. Our sparklers can breathe life into any event and captivate the audience with their vibrant display.

Fog machines

We create an enchanting mood at your parties, weddings, and events with captivating mists through our fog machine. Ideal for creating different moods, ranging from a frightening or mysterious mood for Halloween-themed parties or a dream sequence for weddings, they are a visual treat for the audience. They create a dreamlike backdrop, perfect for your videos and photo albums.

Dancing on the cloud machines

Using our state-of-the-art cloud machines, we create exceptional dancing on the cloud effects, adding a touch of magic and fantasy to your special moments. The safe and odourless clouds made by dry ice create a breathtaking spectacle, perfect for taking unforgettable videos and photos of your wedding or celebrations.

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Hear From Our Clients

DJ Parth is my favorite DJ in town. He knows how to make people dance. He and his team are amazing! He made our annual holiday party magical! I will recommend go to them if you need DJ without second thinking! Thank you and will see you again in our many more events. Thank You!!!

Geeta Fofandi

One of the best DJs who knows how to enjoy and make people sway..being a percussion artist adds extra spice …love it.

Nikita B Bhaglani

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